Things To Avoid With A Baby


Most commercial perfumes contain toxic chemicals such as phthalates, which have been linked to asthma, obesity, and behavioral problems in babies and children.

What are phthalates?
Phthalates are used as dissolving agents in commercial products, such as detergents, shampoo, soap, nail polish, and perfume. When it enters the body system through  ingestion or inhalation, they can cause hormonal imbalances by mimicking or blocking bodily hormones.

Children who are constantly exposed to phthalates may experience the following effects:

What to look for when buying commercial perfumes
If smelling good is still important to you, you should check for phthalates on perfume labels before buying. Here are a few common phthalate compounds you should avoid:

Other alternatives to perfume
There are other safer alternatives to perfumes that can still smell nice. Many organic brands now offer natural, non-toxic perfumes that use 100% herbal ingredients in lieu of chemicals. You can also make your own natural scent by mixing 10 – 15 drops of essential oils with grapeseed or olive oil and breaking a vitamin E capsule into the mix to preserve its freshness. These alternatives will bring you peace of mind while helping you smell good.

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