What is Your Baby doing?

This week marks a turning point for your baby. Most of Your Baby ’s systems are fully formed. 

It is now time for growing and maintenance, during which the systems continue to evolve.

Busy moving
As Your Baby ’s muscles start to bulk up, the little one is getting busy stretching and kicking. If you put your hand on your belly, your baby will likely wiggle in response, though it’s too early to feel Your Baby ’s movements. The baby might try more complex movements, such as squinting eyes or sucking the thumb. 

In 2 weeks time
Starts hearing: Your Baby ’s hearing abilities are developing too. In a few weeks, Your Baby can probably hear your heart beating and your tummy gurgling. The little one may even hear the muffled sound of your voice

Facial Expression: If you could see Your Baby ’s face, you’d laugh, as the little one tests out the developing muscles by making lots of funny faces: squinting, frowning, even smiling in the womb. 

Baby Yoga: Your Baby will also be able to bend the knees and elbows, turn head, make fists, and point toes, though most of the time these movements are reflexive. 


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