Children and air pollution (PM 2.5)


Children and air pollution (PM 2.5)

Children are especially vulnerable to air pollution, as their lungs are still growing, and because children are so active, they breathe in a great deal of air. If children are exposed to toxic air, it can affect their small lungs, brains, and hearts.

Why are children at high risk?
One reason children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of air pollution is that they breathe more rapidly than adults and absorb more pollutants. But there are other reasons: 

Why are fine particles so dangerous for children?

How to protect your children at home?
Even if it feels safe and clean, remember that small particles are invisible and easily enter your house. Here is how to protect your child at home:

How to protect your children in the car:
Children are also at risk of dangerous levels of air pollution inside your car because of the toxic air from the traffic around which cars don’t filter properly.

How to protect your children outdoors:

What air level is safe for children?
To make sure your children are fully protected against this invisible threat, try to keep the air “Good” (0-50 on the AQICN matrix). Take precautions if you measure the air that is just moderate or unhealthy for sensitive groups (young children are the most sensitive group).

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