Possible Causes for C-Section

Giving Birth

Possible Causes for C-Section

There are reasons why surgical delivery might be necessary or the saver option when compared to giving birth naturally. 

Reasons for a scheduled C-Section
There are many medical reasons for your doctor to recommend the procedure in advance of your due date to protect you and little {{ NAME}}:

Reasons for an unscheduled C-section
Severally, the need for a cesarean section isn’t obvious until a woman is well into labor. A few of the most common reasons are:

Choosing date and time
If you are in control over picking the due date without any harm to you or your baby, try to have Your Child during or after week 39, so your little baby arrives in this world strong and healthy. As for the time, most Cesareans are performed at 8AM. Naturally however most children would come to birth during the night or in the very early morning with a peak around 4AM. Something you may want to know if you can pick.

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