Costs of raising a baby

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Costs of raising a baby

As a new mom, you may or may not know about the true cost of raising your little Your Child

Here are a few things to consider:

Except you use only fabrics, which you probably won’t, you will have to buy diapers and good diapers are not cheap, and you might use them for two years or longer. On average a child will use up almost 3,000 diapers in the first year alone. 

Breastfeeding may be a free item on your list, but if you’re not around to nurse, you’ll need a breast pump or formula. A pump can cost anything between $3 – $300, and the expensive infant formula can add to your bills weekly.

Home improvement
Converting your home into a child friendly space with play and nap areas as well as a dedicated station to change diapers, might cost you some money.

Medical expenses
You will be billed directly, or via your insurance, for everything from giving birth, to your epidural during delivery, and Your Child’s vaccinations for years after. If you have insurance, check which of these costs are covered.

Unpaid maternity leave
At the early stages, you may not be able to go to work because of Your Child. Be sure to check with your employer about your maternity leave benefits. Then calculate how much money you need to support your new way to life. 

When you resume work you may need to pay a babysitter or nanny to watch after your little one. Furthermore, when little Your Child turns 2 to 3, kindergarten or preschool programs might come up. Consider homeschooling to reduce the cost of kindergarten and spend more quality time with your children. It is a good alternative, especially if done together with other like-minded parents.

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