Birth and going into labor

With every day closer to Your Child’s natural due date it's more likely that you’ll meet each other. Once you are at week 38, the possibility of going into labor grows by the hour.

Birth and going into labor

The likelihood of giving birth to Your Child is increasing every day as you approach your due date. Once you are at week 38, the chance of going into labor grows by the hour.

Risk for delivering a baby preterm
A preterm or premature baby is one that arrives before 37 weeks of your pregnancy. 

We don’t quite know why some babies arrive earlier than others, but if that happens, it’s usually to protect either the child or the mother from any complications. 

Mothers who have underlying health conditions, such as kidney disease, heart disease, and diabetes, are at a higher risk for delivering a preterm baby. Women with an abnormal uterus, aging mothers, pregnant women with an infection, pregnant women who had an accident in the third trimester, and those who smoke, drink, or consume hard drugs during pregnancy are also considered risk groups. 

For preterm labor, mothers may start to feel strong and regular contractions that last up to 30 secs before 37 weeks of pregnancy, along with some vaginal spotting and a dull backache.

Risk for delivering a baby a post-term
Post-term babies are born after 42 weeks. We cannot determine why some mothers don’t go into labor even after 42 weeks. Sometimes, this happens because the due date is miscalculated. 

Mothers who have post-term pregnancies tend to have no symptoms, apart from being pregnant past their due dates. First-time moms or mothers who are overweight seem slightly more likely to experience a post-term delivery.

How to prevent pre and post-term pregnancies
Unfortunately, there are no concrete ways to prevent premature or post-term birth. Adopting a healthy lifestyle with regular checkups is probably your best bet, but most of the time, it’s a matter of chance more than any other thing. Even the most careful and healthy mothers can experience premature or post-term labor.

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