5 ways to relieve teething-related pains

5 ways to relieve teething-related pains

Teething occurs at 3 – 12 months when Your Child’s baby teeth begin to emerge through the gum line.

Some babies find this sensation painful, while others are hardly bothered by it at all. If teething is giving Your Child some discomfort, here are some ways to alleviate your little one’s pain.

Use teething toy_5 ways to relieve teething-related pains by Mali

Give Your Child a teething toy: Teething toys are a good way to relieve your little one’s itchy or aching gums. When selecting such toys for Your Child, steer clear of beaded teething necklaces and rings made from wood, amber, marble, or silicone as they pose as choking, strangulation, and injury hazard. Instead, choose larger toys that are made of food-grade plastic or rubber.

Use cold object_5 ways to relieve teething-related pains by Mali

Relieve Your Child’s throbbing gums with cold objects: If toys alone don’t cut it, you can try and freeze a twisted clean, damp cloth. Tie the end into firm knots so Your Child will have an easier time gnawing. Chilling your little one’s favorite teething toys in the fridge is also another solution, but refrain from putting them inside a freezer as most toys will harden and make the pain worse.

Snack on cold food_5 ways to relieve teething-related pains by Mali

Let Your Child snack on some cold foods: If Your Child is already eating solid food, feed your little one colder foods such as chilled mashed sweet potatoes, cold soft fruits, or yogurt. Your Child’s mouth will swish the baby meal around before swallowing and provide the gums with some temporary relief. Sweet foods may distract Your Child from the pain, but avoid adding extra sugars to anything, since this may lead to health issues later in life. 

Massage gums with finger_5 ways to relieve teething-related pains by Mali

Lightly massage Your Child’s gums with your finger: If you are stuck in a situation where no toys, washcloths, or snacks are available, wash your hands thoroughly and gently rub the sore spots using your finger or knuckle. Your little one may chew on your hand, but this should be painless. 

Use medication_5 ways to relieve teething-related pains by Mali

Give Your Child some medication: If the pain looks to be unbearable for Your Child, you can give your baby an appropriate dose of Tylenol – always check with your pediatrician or pharmacists. This should be a last resort if the other methods don’t work. Although teething creams and gels are available in the market, many pediatricians warn against using them because most of those products contain a numbing agent, which can affect your little one’s ability to swallow.

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