Baby’s first doctor visit

Baby’s first doctor visit

After birth, the doctors will want to see Your Child consistently, especially during the first 2 years of life as this is when most major developments occur.

During the first year, doctors advise that Your Child have at least 6 visits. These visits are usually scheduled for the following dates: 3-5 days, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. These visits serve as general check-ups and vaccination appointments and are unrelated to injuries or illnesses. You will also be able to ask the doctor any questions you may have about Your Child’s health. These visits are not intimidating, so if you’re overwhelmed, be assured that they get easier over time.

What to expect?
These visits are usually straightforward and often involve a routine check-up, along with a conversation with the doctor about navigating the waters of being a new parent. The doctor will advise on procedures such as feeding, hygiene and address any of your questions and concerns. Some parents find it helpful to come prepared by writing down a list of questions they have before the visit. Some good questions to ask include:

During the first visit, the doctor will perform a basic physical check and will keep records of the following:

After the visit
When you get home, keep Your Child’s medical records in a safe place. It may also be helpful to jot down the doctor’s recommendations in note-form so you won’t forget as time passes.


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