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Feeling of love and compassion arrive from a complex combination of biological effects and environment events. While most parents naturally love their children, many mothers go through the side effects of all the hormonal changes that happen right after birth or due to breastfeeding. Other parents may feel depressed because they live in a bad relationship, or have their own mental issues and then and can’t help but start blaming their own innocent child for the problems. Many fathers for example don’t quit connect to their child in the first 9 months, and then they often don’t know what to do or feel completely overwhelmed. Whatever it is that is troubling you, make sure you and your family are in a space that is not hurting your child in the long run. Sometimes that might mean you need to talk to a professional mental health counselor. Sometimes it might mean that you need to make a very hard decision today, to improve your child's life in the future. Because regardless of whether you love or don't love your child, your child deserves a fair chance in this world.

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