Don’t ever use nasal douche with infants

Don’t ever use nasal douche with infants

Irrigating a baby’s nose with a syringe and saline solution is dangerous to infants under 6 months old and can lead to drowning or severe breathing problems. 

Infants do not have developed bodily response systems like those of adults or even toddlers. Try to keep this point in mind when handling your child’s remedial treatments.

Why is nasal douching dangerous for babies?
Nasal douching, which is passing a saline solution in one nostril and letting it flow out through the other, clears mucus in the nostrils. However, it can be very dangerous for babies and toddlers because they do not have the same level of body awareness as older children and cannot consciously stop fluids from going down their pharynx and larynx. Injecting a large amount of saline into their little noses can lead to choking and drowning. 

Other ways to clear your baby’s blocked nose
If Your Child has a blocked nose, leave the syringe and consider the following options: 

If you are not sure of how to clean Your Child’s nose, always speak to a pediatric doctor or certified nurse before attempting anything — especially if the child is 6 months old or younger.

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