How to introduce your toddler to books

How to introduce your toddler to books

Reading is one of the important ways a child can learn. It stimulates the developing senses and plays a role in learning communication, speaking, and writing skills. The best way to introduce toddlers to books is to read it together and make it fun.

These tips can help you introduce books to your little Your Child:

Expose them a little at a time, with consistency: Babies easily lose interest in any activity, so let Your Child decide how long a reading session will last.

Introduce the story: Start by telling your child what the story is about and explore the cover page together.

Let Your Child turn the pages: If your little one can turn the pages, why not. It doesn’t matter if Your Child skips some pages along the line. Most kids have one favorite page in each book. After you explore the page long enough, it might change. 

Explain the pictures: Depending on Your Child’s age, you may only have to explain the pictures, without reading the words. Point to the pictures and explain what they are. You can give characters names, show how objects relate and talk about colours or even make up a story.

Point the words: If you are reading words, which you might want to do once Your Child turns 3 or 4, try to point the words one by one as you read them. If Your Child is not interested in letters don’t worry. In Finland kids learn reading at age six, and Fins are the most literate people on the planet. A late start is often better.

Demonstrate the story with sounds and emotions: Try to demonstrate the story so that the little one can appreciate it better. You may use different voices for different characters to demonstrate their emotions and personalities.

Ask Your Child questions about the story: Form the habit of asking your child questions after each reading session. You may even ask Your Child to guess what will happen next.

Prompt Your Child to ask you questions and answer all of them: Allow the little one to ask you questions too and make sure you answer them one at a time.

Create a designated reading spot in your home: Put up a small place in your house where you keep different storybooks for Your Child. With time, the little one will learn to go there and pick books to discover.

Bring books to any activity: Make books a part of Your Child’s daily activities — during meals, at bath time, in the car, and especially at bedtime. Reading a story together before going to sleep is a wonderful bedtime routine that many parents enjoy doing until their kids turn teens.

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