Learning through play month 15: free painting

Learning through play month 15:  free painting

Painting freely can be therapeutic. It can provide Your Child with a sense of release while also promoting gross and fine motor development. 

Both parents and children can use free painting as tools to become free from any tensions.

What to prepare
Prepare a large piece of paper or an attachment in the desired size of the amount of recycled paper with one side left unused and some non-toxic easy-grip crayons.

Let’s play!
Free painting is just painting freely. Don’t feel the need to make shapes or draw anything in particular, and let Your Child go with the feeling. Free painting is so beneficial that it has been widely advocated by many psychiatrists and child psychologists. It allows children to develop self-expression and self-creativity, which leads to self-esteem and art appreciation. Furthermore, it helps with the development of hand-eye coordination, gross motor, and fine motor skills. You can also keep the finished piece of artwork as decoration.

If you use glue or scissors, be sure to put them away before starting your project. Your Child is also at the age where everything goes into the mouth, so beware of the crayons!

Thank you note
This article about learning through play was made in collaboration with Sprouts Kindergarten, a play-based learning center for children ages 1.5 – 6 years old.

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