Making your bed safe for your baby

Making your bed safe for your baby

Co-sleeping is when parents and infants sleep together in a bed. A lot of things have been said for and against co-sleeping with babies. From an evolutionary perspective, sharing a bed is the most natural way for babies to sleep. However, parents should take precautions.

Why parents choose to co-sleep with their babies
Parents choose to have their babies sleep in bed with them because of the following benefits:

The dangers of co-sleeping with your baby
While those beliefs are good and some may even be supported by studies, co-sleeping with babies is associated with a lot of risks. Co-sleeping, if not done right, can increase the risk of sleep-related deaths, including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The risk is particularly high for babies born premature, infants less than 4 months old, or when the parents are drinking alcohol or consume drugs before they share a bed with their babies. In all these cases, it is safest for babies to sleep in a cot next to the parent’s bed.

How to ensure the safety of your baby when co-sleeping
If you want to share a bed with Your Child, make your bed safe for your baby:

When you shouldn’t co-sleep
There are situations in which co-sleeping with your baby can be extremely dangerous. These are some of them:

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