My baby wants to be held all the time

My baby wants to be held all the time

Nothing compares to the feeling we get when we cuddle babies or small children. However, apart from giving us a lot of pleasure, holding your baby offers children some real benefits.

Five facts about holding a child
While holding young children has many benefits, there are drawbacks too. In general, holding a child:

  1. Helps their emotional development as it gives them a sense of security
  2. Regulates their heart rate and breathing
  3. Strengthens the bond between mother and child, leading to a more secure attachment style
  4. Can be very tiring for the parents, which is why it’s important to share the responsibilities among caregivers
  5. Once a child shows an urge to be more independent, holding them too much can mean they miss out on training important gross motor skills, such as crawling, sitting, or walking

Why some babies always want to be held
There are times when children would constantly want to be held, which can be very exhausting for new parents, especially if you have important things to attend to. Here are some of the reasons babies want to be held:

How to help baby transition
You need to help your baby transition properly. There are ways you can do that, and these are a few ideas that can help:

Stimulate them through movements: Lying next to babies and gently tapping their backs, rocking them in the baby swing, or driving with them around the block inside their baby seat are all ways to emulate movement that they were used to when they’re inside the womb — just as it wasn’t quite, it wasn’t completely still either.

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