Saying Mama

Saying Mama

The experience of several mothers indicates that one of the most common first words for a baby is ‘Mama’ .

Why is it so often ‘Mama’?
Firstly, there are various formats of communication possible for Your Child:

How can you help your baby improve on these skills?
You can support Your Child language development by talking to the little one consistently, where you can start as early as after birth. While providing your concentration towards conversations with Your Child is integral, you should maintain eye contact, or what is called a face-to-face interaction. Also, interchanging between high and low pitch voices, and speaking slowly and clearly, will allow Your Child to have fun in learning different voices.

You could even ask Your Child questions while waiting for answers, in which Your Child could reply by crying or voicing out something to you. Singing, reading books, and using hand gestures as you play can also be essential for keeping Your Child interested and understanding more easily. However, it is not encouraged to use words without meanings when playing because Your Child will, later on, develop and start remembering those words.

Nevertheless, different children may develop speaking skills at different stages. Therefore, it is totally normal that your child could start speaking later than your friend’s child. But at this moment, the most important thing to remember is that you are the one who understands your child the best.

If you notice that your child has problems in communication development or hasn’t portrayed any signs of speaking as Your Child approaches 2 years old, you should seek consultation with an expert. In some cases, language skills are delayed due to excessive screen time.

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