The healing power of breast milk

The healing power of breast milk

Everyone knows that breast milk is good for a baby, but some moms take it a step further and use breastmilk to treat their baby’s ailments.

Properties of breastmilk
Several ingredients in breastmilk are essential for Your Child’s immune system. These antibodies present in breastmilk help prevent infections such as pneumonia and childhood asthma. In the long term, drinking breast milk reduces the overall risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and childhood obesity.

The healing power
Here are some examples of how breast milk can be used as other home remedies.

In addition to treating Your Child, rubbing some breast milk on your cracked or sore nipples can soften your skin and alleviate the burning pain.

Limitations of breastmilk
As amazing as breastmilk is, there are limitations to its healing properties. Always consult with your doctor about Your Child’s condition before attempting to treat the little one on your own.

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