The importances of fine motor skills

The importances of fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are a necessary part of a child’s growth and development. Although they lag behind the corresponding gross motor skills, fine motor skills begin to develop early in life — the moment children start to explore the world around them.

What are fine motor skills?
Fine motor skills are the ability to coordinate the small muscles of hands, thumb, and fingers to make delicate and precise movements. Those skills are necessary for performing light tasks, such as grasping objects, feeding, drawing, writing, and buttoning clothes.

Children develop these skills from experience and repeated exposure to various toys and other objects.

Why fine motor skills are important
Here are the benefits of developing those tiny muscles:

As Your Child’s fine motor skills improve, the little one will learn how to be more independent.

How to help Your Child develop fine motor skills
These are some of the activities that can help your little one develop fine motor skills:

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