What food is safe for your baby?

What food is safe for your baby?

As a parent, you should be concerned about safety when feeding your baby. 

Infants and young children under five years are particularly vulnerable to foodborne illnesses – their stomach is not producing adequate acid, and they have immature immune systems. Also, they are susceptible to choking since their pharyngeal and laryngeal muscles are not yet fully coordinated. So be mindful when feeding infants and young children.

Foods to avoid to prevent foodborne illnesses
Children under 6 months of age should only get breast milk or baby formula. And when it is time to introduce solid food, avoid the following foods:

Keeping food safe for your baby
To ensure that your baby has clean food to eat, try to follow these precautions:

Foods that might cause choking
Some foods are generally not recommended because they can cause choking and aspiration, and young children are often at high risk of choking. Following foods can be choking hazards:

Precautions for preventing choking
Here are some precautions you can take to avoid choking:

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