Why children learn from people they love

Why children learn from people they love

Emotions drive our attention. And since children can only learn what they pay attention to, they learn especially well from those they love. 

How emotions affect learning
Your child’s feelings determine the value they place on things. If your child is not interested in what is being taught to them, it’ll not be easy to learn that topic. Also, emotions can influence what your child pays attention to, memorizes, and cares about. It is difficult to make your child do a difficult task if there is a lack of motivation.

Negative emotions such as fear hamper your child’s learning skills because fear raises adrenaline response and blocks perception — negative emotions will block parts of Your Child’s working memory. Fear makes it difficult for your child to develop the much-needed interest necessary to learn with an open mind.

Therefore, the ideal learning environment is where your child learns with delight, joy, excitement, and a sense of wonder.

How to improve your child’s learning
Whether or not your child has learning disabilities, taking time to build a solid relationship between the two of you can improve their learning skills. 

Besides, going slow and understanding your child’s temperament is very important. Try to create a learning environment that supports the temperament of the child. For example, if Your Child is emotionally sensitive, accept and respect your child for that sensitivity and adjust your methods accordingly.

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