Eats with a spoon

Utensils time! Your Child can now eat with a spoon.

Eats with a spoon

Utensils time! Your Child can now eat with a spoon.

After months of finger feeding, your little one may now be able to eat with a spoon by themself. This important milestone takes time, as the children have to acquire necessary fine motor skills, arm stability, and eye-hand coordination before being able to eat with utensils like a pro. 

To make sure that you don’t need to change Your Child cloth after every meal, you can get some bibs. 

How to support this development
Help Your Child refine this skill by giving the little one lots of time to practice. You may have to get a silicone pre-spoon and can help Your Child by scooping the food first before handing it to the little one.

Note: All children develop differently and at their own pace. For children born preterm, the referred timeframe for achieving the various developmental milestones might be incorrect.

Source: The information and graphs about when children reach specific milestones are taken from various sources, including the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Denver Developmental Screening Test, and the State Institute of Early Childhood Research, Germany (IFP).


Ketsupa Jirakarn (Mental health specialist) (10 June 2021)

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