Watch out for the speed demon! Your Child is now strong and stable enough to run.


Watch out for the speed demon! Your Child is now strong and stable enough to run.

After mastering walking or even climbing stairs, between 18-24 months of age, children learn to run. It’s a wonderful milestone for toddlers as it shows that they are now becoming more independent. Running is a great activity that keeps the little one entertained while staying fit as well. 

For parents, it means being more careful to watch their child.

How to support this development
To build up the little one’s confidence in walking and running, try playing fun games, such as hide-and-seek behind trees at a park or running back and forth between two persons. Another good way to support Your Child’s development is to allow the little one to spend a lot of time on the playground with other children that can already run. To see others do something they themselves can’t is often the biggest motivator for young children to get going.

Note: All children develop differently and at their own pace. For children born preterm, the referred timeframe for achieving the various developmental milestones might be incorrect.

Source: The information and graphs about when children reach specific milestones are taken from various sources, including the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Denver Developmental Screening Test, and the State Institute of Early Childhood Research, Germany (IFP).


Ketsupa Jirakarn (Mental health specialist) (10 June 2021)

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