Your Baby begins learning language and responding to you

As the auditory system is now almost completely developed, Your Baby is starting to learn and respond to the sounds of your voice.

Auditory system
The auditory system becomes functional at around 25 weeks’ gestation. This means that Your Baby is now starting to learn from the sounds you make. For example, if Your Baby frequently hears a certain song you sing, the little one will likely be able to recognize it after birth and feel calmed by it. 

Even though there is no solid evidence that stimulation beyond normal sounds of everyday life offers any long-term benefits, speaking and singing to Your Baby now, might help your develop the right routines for the time after birth. During the critical first years of life, there is probably nothing better for Your Baby ’s brain development than you spending a lot of quality time, speaking, reading, and playing with them. 

As your baby’s reflexes develop, Your Baby may even kick in response to sounds and touch from outside the womb. This is a special time in your pregnancy, as you and your baby begin to feel and respond to each other. You can encourage your partner to talk to Your Baby and see if you get a kick in response! 

Facial expression
Your Baby ’s tiny face is almost fully formed, with eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair all in place. If you eat something very cold, spicy, or sweet Your Baby might react by moving their eyes.

Sleeping pattern
Your Baby ’s patterns of sleeping and waking are becoming more defined, even though they may happen when you don’t like them to. You may find that when you’re trying to sleep, Your Baby is alert and kicking.


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