Breastfeeding problems: breasts hurt


Breastfeeding problems: breasts hurt

It is possible that a few days or weeks into breastfeeding, you find painful lumps in your breasts. Or, there might be times you wonder how to avoid breast engorgement. 

Here are common breastfeeding-associated problems that many moms experience and our tips on how to handle them.

Inflammation of clogged milk ducts
Clogged milk ducts usually result from inconsistent feeding or improper latch — the baby can’t suck strong enough to empty the breasts. As milk buildups clog the ducts, they obstruct the flow of milk. If you see milk blebs on your nipples or feel hard lumps in your breasts that hurt when pressed, they may be signs that you may have clogged ducts. Here are ways to deal with them.

Breast engorgement
When your milk starts coming in and your body produces more milk than the baby feeds, your breasts become swollen and painful. Before your body adjusts milk production to meet the amount your baby needs, here are ways to cope with breast engorgement.

If you continue to experience pain on your breasts that doesn’t subside after a few nursing sessions or is associated with redness or fever, make sure you contact your doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

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