Breastfeeding problems: my baby does not suck


Breastfeeding problems: my baby does not suck

Babies are born with an instinct to suck. They have been practicing this skill since they’re in the womb. However, they need to learn about your breasts and milk flow to be able to feed well and grow healthily.

Here are some common scenarios that many moms experience with their babies. 

Baby refuses to suck
There are many reasons for a baby to refuse the breast. They include problems with the baby’s tongue or their temperament at the time of feeding, but there are other possible causes of refusal to suck. Here are some of them and the ways to deal with them.

Baby sucks for a few minutes and pulls off
If your baby latches properly and starts sucking, but pulls away shortly after and starts crying, you can suspect that the baby is not getting milk fast enough. These are some common causes of such cases and how to deal with them:

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