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Cough is a common sickness for children. It is usually caused by respiratory tract infections such as a cold. Only occasionally a cough may be caused by a bacterial infection in the throat or chest.

Different types of coughs:

Sometimes children cough for many weeks after a viral infection, this is called a post-viral cough.

When should I see a doctor
If your child seems unwell and you are concerned, take your child to a doctor. Also go the doctor if your child is coughing and:

Treating cough
Most coughs are caused by viruses and take up to 2 weeks before they disappear. 

Note that antibiotics don’t help with coughs caused by viruses. Some cough may be caused by a bacterial infection in the throat. In these cases, antibiotics may be prescribed by your doctor to treat a bacterial infection. But again, usually cough medicines are not recommended for children below 6 years of age. Mucolytics are usually prescribed by doctors but not cough suppressant to ease the symptom.


Dr. Wanwadee Sapmee Panyakat, MD. (1 April 2020)


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