Heavy outfits

Things to avoid with a baby

Heavy outfits

Babies are unable to regulate their body temperatures. Sure, they may get cold easily, but they are also susceptible to overheating. Overdressed babies are at risk of a serious condition known as Infant Muggy Syndrome.

More about Infant Muggy Syndrome
All infants have a larger body surface area than older children, so their body temperatures can drop or spike rapidly. When a baby is overdressed, their clothing will trap excess heat from dissipating, causing their already warm temperatures to rise even faster. Infant muggy syndrome can be life-threatening and may also cause side effects with permanent damage.

Symptoms of Infant Muggy Syndrome:

Side effects of Infant Muggy Syndrome:

Preventing Infant Muggy Syndrome
Select clothing made from breathable materials, such as cotton, linen, and silk, in warmer weather and gradually add light layers when the baby seems visibly cold. In cold environments, opt for clothing that can easily be removed when necessary and cover Your Child in layers.

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