Popular girl names: Singapore

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Popular girl names: Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant city with diverse ethnicities. Giving your little one a name might be challenging — after all, it’s a name for life. To help you out, we’ve provided some popular girl names in Singapore and the things to consider before choosing any of them.

Most popular baby names for girls
If you want to go with the guaranteed name, these lists below can be your answer. On the other hand, you can avoid the overly popular names too.

Top 10 popular girl names in Singapore

  1. Emma
  2. Olivia
  3. Charlotte
  4. Hannah
  5. Alyssa
  6. Scarlett
  7. Chloe
  8. Mikayla
  9. Leia
  10. Meredith

Before choosing a name
Here are things to consider before you sign the birth certificate:

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