11 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby is now a fetus 🙂 This means your baby has gone beyond the embryonic stage and is now officially called a fetus. At this point, all of the major parts of Your Baby ’s body have developed. 

Since you are about to enter the second trimester, many of the worst pregnancy symptoms may subside.

Your Baby ’s development
Your Baby is a bit larger than 4 cm and weighs about 8 g — the size of garlic. 

Even though we can’t tell the gender yet, tiny ovaries are developing if Your Baby is a girl, and an ultrasound check can now detect your baby’s movement — though, you won’t feel it yet.

The head: Your Baby ’s head is now larger and more rounded, accounting for about half of the body length. The eyelids are fused, and the ears have migrated closer to their final destination.

The hands: The ebbed hands and feet are separating and looking more clear in shape. On the front of the fingers, we can now make out some space, where little fingernails will soon start to grow.

The hormones and blood cells: Your Baby ’s placenta is functioning better day by the day, so the little one is now producing more and more hormones. The liver is now working as a major site for the formation of red blood cells.

Your development
You may now have more energy and fewer mood swings since Your Baby ’s placenta has taken up hormone production.

More appetite: You might be feeling a bit hungrier these days. But just because you’re eating for two doesn’t mean you should eat everything. You gain weight efficiently during pregnancy by choosing the most nutritious foods and minimizing processed foods. 

What to do now
Your body is working hard for both Your Baby and the placenta. To keep your energy up, try to stay active and ensure high levels of blood sugar. Gentle workouts and frequent snacks of complex carbs are some of the best things you can do.

Reduce caffeine: If you usually drink a lot of tea or coffee, you might want to limit it. Some research indicates that reducing caffeine can reduce the chances of miscarriage and low birth weight.


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