9 weeks pregnant

Weekly update

9 weeks pregnant

Your Child’s body organs are now present, and the heartbeat should be audible on your next doctor’s appointment. 

You may be feeling more tired as the placenta grows, which takes a lot of your energy. 

Your Child’s development
This week, important muscles and body parts begin forming, and Your Child measures about 23 mm in length — the size of a grape.

The liver, kidneys, lungs, and brain are ready to start functioning, and the little one is already developing taste buds. Two tiny ears are becoming more defined and will grow into place soon.

The genitals: Although it’s not possible to tell the sex of your baby by ultrasound at this point, the genitals have begun to form, and the sex will soon be identifiable. 

The fingers: Webbed fingers and toes are more clearly defined. By the end of this week, the bone tissue of the upper limbs begins to form, a process also known as ossification.

The heart: Meanwhile, Your Child’s heart, which has been functioning for some time, is now developing valves to demarcate the chambers. At this point, you may be able to hear the heartbeat with a fetal doppler.

Your development
As the placenta develops to provide nutrients to Your Child, you may feel tired. Your sugar level and blood pressure may go down, while your hormone levels and metabolic rate will increase.

Growth of uterus: Your uterus would’ve doubled in size by now. And you may have increased in weight too. In the first trimester, it’s common to gain about 0.5-2 kg. 

Heartburn: You may experience heartburn and constipation but don’t worry – these are common symptoms that begin around the second month.

What you can do
If you’re 35 or older, have a much older partner, or you or your partner have a family history of genetic conditions, it is now the time to consider talking to your doctor about common genetic screenings. Such screenings are usually done from week 10 onwards.

Try to avoid spicy and greasy foods to prevent heartburn, but if it doesn’t help, you may take an antacid to relieve the symptoms.

Go promptly to the toilet when it calls – holding it in can weaken your bowel muscles, making it harder to poo.

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