Eye problems

Baby health

Eye problems

Healthy eyes are a critical part of kids’ development. As many vision problems that are detected early, also can be treated, make eye checks part of your child’s routine medical care.

Routine eye exams for children

Spotting Eye Problems
Signs that a child may have vision problems include:

In school-age children, other signs may include:

Common eye problems
These common eye problems can be detected by a vision screening and can be corrected over time.

Some eye conditions, such as retinopathy in babies, need immediate attention.

Eyeglasses for children
Kids of all ages — even babies — can wear glasses. Here a few tips:

Contact lenses
Around age 10, kids may want to get contact lenses for cosmetic reasons or if they play sports. To wear contacts, a child will need to know how to insert and remove lenses properly, take them out as required, and clean them as recommended by the doctor. Note that babies born with congenital cataracts may need to wear contact lenses after cataract surgery.


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