Teething jewelry

Things to avoid with a baby

Teething jewelry

Teething bracelets, necklaces, and anklets may sound like a quick and easy solution to ease your little one’s teething discomfort. But the American FDA has released a warning about them after multiple reports of choking and strangulation.

What are beaded teething jewelry?
Teething jewelry is usually a necklace or bracelet made from amber, wood, or silicone beads strung together.

Why are beaded teething jewelry dangerous?
There’s a high chance that a teething bracelet may get attached to an object, such as the edge of a crib, cabinet handle, or even a baby’s own hands. Most babies and toddlers haven’t learned enough problem-solving skills to undo themselves from twisted and tangled beads when in trouble, so the necklaces pose a strangulation risk. Additionally, they can also break while the baby is gnawing, presenting a choking hazard.

Other ways to relieve teething pains
Here are a few other ways to relieve your baby’s teething pains:

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