Vaginal discharge

All women, whether pregnant or not, have some vaginal discharge. But when you’re pregnant, it’s normal to have more than usual. 

Normal vaginal discharge
In all women, healthy vaginal discharge is usually:

  • Thin
  • Clear or milky white
  • Doesn’t smell unpleasant 

Unusual vaginal discharge
You should consult with your doctor or midwife if you have vaginal discharge and: 

  • It smells unpleasant or strange
  • It is green or yellow, thick or cheesy 
  • It feels itchy or sore 
  • You have redness, burning or irritation around your vagina or the area of skin that surrounds the vagina and urethra (vulva)
  • You have pain when you pee
  • You have vaginal bleeding

Any of these symptoms could be a sign of a vaginal infection. 

Thrush in pregnancy
Thrush is an infection that can cause unusual vaginal discharge. Usually it can easily be treated. Thrush can cause:

  • increased vaginal discharge which is usually white, and usually doesn’t smell
  • itching and irritation around the vagina

Some women find it helps to avoid perfumed soap products. Others report that they can prevent thrush by wearing loose cotton underwear.

Always talk to your doctor if you plan to cure thrush with medications.


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