Water safety

Baby health

Water safety

Drowning is the most common cause of death for children in Thailand. Learn about water safety to prevent a child from any accidents around water.

Essential precautions near water

Should we use a life jacket or flotation devices?
You can use a life jacket or other floating device for your child, as long as it is designed for children and you don’t leave them alone. The difference is:

Support your child around water
Children can learn to enjoy the water from an early age and they can learn essential aquatic skills to keep them safe. At an early age, look for swimming programs that focus on building water confidence and that teach parents about water safety. Ideally, children start swimming lessons at age 3 and should be able to swim at age 6.

Teach your children water safety
It is important that children are taught about the risks and dangers associated with water. Teach your children these important swimming pool rules and follow them at all times:

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