When breastfeeding is taking too much time


When breastfeeding is taking too much time

Babies tend to be very sleepy during the first few weeks of life, so it’s common to fall asleep during a breastfeeding session.

Here are some common scenarios that many moms experience with their babies.

Abnormally long nursing sessions
If the nursing session is more than 50 minutes but the baby is still sucking, it might be a sign that the baby is not getting enough milk. Here are the possible causes.

Baby falls asleep at the breast
If your baby started the session with active nursing but then falls asleep too early during the session, you can try the following techniques.

Note that in the first month of life, you’ll feel like you’re nursing non-stop. After a feeding session, it won’t take long — you may feel like only a few minutes have passed — before your baby wants to feed again. A nursing session may last 20-40 minutes, and the baby may feed as often as every 1-2 hours. This is very normal and it’s only temporary. Once your body adjusts to the demand from your baby and the baby learns to effectively suck, everything will fall into place.

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