Happy Children’s Day


Happy Children’s Day

Children’s Day in Thailand falls on the 2nd Saturday of January. It is a day of learning and celebrating the nation’s next generation.

Many places all over the country hold special events and have special offers for children.  

Celebrating Children’s Day
Historically, National Children’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the importance of children’s welfare and encourage children to realize the importance of their roles in developing the country.

These days, it became the day when families take their children out to have fun and have some quality bonding time together.

Children’s Day activities
If you take Your Child out to shopping malls, restaurants, or other places today, you’ll probably get gifts, discounts, and other interesting offers for children. Also, many special events are held for them. 

These are some highlights of the activities on Children’s Day, but they may differ in each area:  

We hope you and Your Child will have a wonderful and meaningful time together today. Happy Children’s Day.

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