How often do you think #baby will poo in the first weeks alive?

Did you know?

Whatever your answer was, you're probably right. Some babies poo 8 times a day, while others don't poo for 8 days. So there's no need to be alarmed if your little #baby arrives and doesn't poop for a few days or enjoys the business several times a day. Apart from the frequency, the stool itself also varies. Newborn #baby will usually have the first bowel movements a day or two after birth. This first poo is called meconium, and its arrival is a good sign. It shows that #baby 's digestive system is working normally. Meconium is almost black and got a tar-like consistency. By the time your baby is three to five days old, the next set of stools will be transitional stools. The poo is a little looser, more greenish-brown in color, and are the "transition" to regular milk poo which comes around day six.

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