How you will know if your child is eating enough

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How you will know if your child is eating enough

New parents are often concerned about whether the little one is eating enough. Although each baby is unique, there are some basic rules. 

How often should I feed on day one?
On the first day, Your Child might want to drink milk every hour or two. If your baby is feeling very sleepy, you can encourage feeding, although hungry babies usually make themselves noticeable.

The first few days
Beyond those first few sleepy days, Your Child may seem hungry most of the time. And the hunger is probably real, since the stomach is small and empties quickly.

Towards the end of the first week, your baby may be feeding about 12 times in 24 hours. Try to keep Your Child near you, so you can easily pick up that your baby is hungry or ready for a snuggle.

How can I know if Your Child is getting enough to eat?
The diapers can tell. If Your Child is growing normally, you can trust your baby to let you know when to feed. However, the following signs will help you to be sure that Your Child’s feeding well:

Signs that Your Child isn’t eating enough
If your feeding is not working or Your Child refuses to eat and show some strange symptoms, here are the signs to go see the doctor:

If you are afraid your baby does not eat enough, contact your doctor or a lactation professional.


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