Essentials you want to prepare for when your baby comes home

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Essentials you want to prepare for when your baby comes home

You can easily get carried away with so many cute things you can buy for {{NAME }}, but before you do your shopping, let’s examine the things you really need.

Here are some essential items to get for Your Child.

Baby clothes: In the first few weeks and months, babies grow very quickly. You only need enough clothes to make sure Your Child will be warm and comfortable.

You’ll most likely need these:

Nappy changing: You’ll be very busy when {{NAME }} arrives, so be sure you have newborn disposable nappies ready for the first weeks. Also, you’ll need a baby changing mat, toiletries, and a baby changing bag for out & about. 

Baby washing: A baby’s skin is delicate so look for products that have been specially formulated for babies. Baby products should use mild cleansers and should protect the natural balance of Your Child’s skin while maintaining the outer, protective layer. 

You’ll need a baby bath as well, but a washing-up bowl will do equally fine.

Baby sleeping materials: If your baby is not sleeping next to you in your bed, you should have a crib, carrycot or a so-called Moses basket (a light, portable bassinet).

Baby bottles: Even if you plan on breastfeeding you should have some baby bottles in case you’re sick or you store your milk for someone else to feed for you. It’s difficult to tell how many bottles you’ll need but maybe start with 3 small and 3 big bottles. Moms who exclusively breastfeed and are most of the time at home probably need fewer bottles. If you intend to express your breast milk you’ll need to have a breast pump and milk storage bags.

Pacifier: Not all babies like pacifiers, but if Your Child does, you might get yourself a tool that calms Your Child down whenever the little one gets cranky or tired. Invented some 500 years ago in Germany, pacifiers are still one of the favorite baby products of all time. Get two or more, so you can switch if one gets dirty.  

Electric steam sterilizer: This is optional because there are other ways to sterilize your baby’s bottles, such as boiling them in a pod. The good thing about an electric steam sterilizer, it will save you time. Time can become very precious if you are alone at home with your baby.

Digital thermometer: In the first weeks of life, fever can be serious. A rectal digital thermometer gives the most accurate temperature reading — ear and forehead thermometers are not as precise for young babies.

Nail file and clipper: Amazingly, Your Child’s nails grow quickly, and they can scratch you up! You may find it unnerving to cut those tiny nails at first, so use baby nail scissors, or baby nail clippers, which have specially rounded ends, or a baby nail file. 

Car seat: It’s necessary you get a car seat to take Your Child home. It’s very risky to carry the little one in your arms in the car, especially if you are driving yourself. Be extra careful with models that last from newborn to 4 years to save money. It’s important to fit the seat correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions and it’s always much safer for Your Child to fit the seat in the back of the car. 

Soft carrier: Soft carriers are not a must but might be lifesavers when you can’t put your newborn down because Your Child is fussy and wants to be held all the time. Moreover, you can move around with your hands-free, while carrying Your Child.

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