Myths about sleeping with your baby

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Myths about sleeping with your baby

Co-sleeping is the natural way children were sleeping for millions of years. Here are five common myths about it.

Myth 1: Sleeping with the baby is dangerous
It’s common to be fearful of co-sleeping, especially because reputable organizations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, say letting the baby sleep in your bed increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 

The truth however is that there are several ways to co-sleep completely safely. One way to do that is by having Your Child in a crip or on a separate mattress right next to your bed. Being right next to your child in case something happens in fact reduces the risk of SIDS.

Myth 2: Babies who co-sleep are spoiled
Sleeping next to you isn’t about being spoiled or not. It’s about biology. Babies settle well next to their mothers, whether the mother is co-sleeping or just holding the baby. They are designed to do this, and it is important to their development. Babies naturally depend on the mother.

Myth 3: Babies will never learn independence if they co-sleeps
Studies have revealed that co-sleeping babies often grow to be less fearful and more independent compared to those that sleep alone.

Myth 4: Co-sleeping will kill the romance between you and your partner
Anyone who blames the failings of marriage on their child being in the same bedroom with them is not dealing with the bigger issues. Some parents say having their child sleep with them just forces them to get creative about where and when they have sex –  and that makes it kind of fun.

Myth 5: A child needs to sleep alone at night
For babies and children, a quiet room might not promote good sleep. It’s not natural to have it totally quiet. Babies need to hear, listen and react based on their caregiver, mother, or father. Noise from parents can calm them down, even if they just hear them snore. 

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