Music for baby in the womb


Music for baby in the womb

You probably heard that music can affect Your Child’s development in the womb. While your child may respond to the music you play, there is no evidence for the urban myth that playing Mozart would make the little one any smarter.

What the research says
A comprehensive review of all available studies found no link between classical music and brain development. Interestingly, infants in one test appeared to recognize music that had frequently been played by the parents during pregnancy — which means that Your Child may already learn and remember what you say or play now. We also know that playing music can stimulate a baby and cause an increase in heart rate, but it isn’t clear whether this stimulation has a positive effect on the little one.

Type of music to play
There is no clear evidence about the effect of different types of music on a baby’s development. So, you can play songs you like. Enjoying the music you like will have a positive effect on your body, and a healthy mother typically leads to a healthy baby. Some researchers even suggest that a baby’s favorite sound is the mother’s voice, so make sure you talk to Your Child often!

How to play music for Your Child?
When playing music, what matters to Your Child is volume. If the volume is too loud, it could startle the little one. It is advisable to keep the volume at around 50 decibels — the sound level of a quiet washing machine. Regular exposure to high-volume noises is not a good idea. But you still can visit the movie theatre or, occasionally, attend a concert before you reach 18 weeks. Do not blast the volume on your headphones, as Your Child can hear quiet levels of sound.

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