The halfway point of pregnancy

You are now halfway. Congratulations! Here are six things that have happened or will happen very soon.

  1. You probably feel Your Baby for the first time, and if not, then, you will feel the kick very soon.
  2. You’ve developed a dark line down the middle of your tummy and chest.
  3. Normal hair loss slows down, so your hair may look thicker and shinier.
  4. You’ve probably found out Your Baby ’s sex by now, or you will be able to via the next ultrasound.
  5. You are probably starting to look pregnant by now, especially if this is not your first pregnancy. 
  6. You have probably regained most of your energy and go about life as usual. 

In about 20 more weeks, Your Baby will come to this world, and you will become the littles one’s mother 🙂

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