vulvar varicosities

can uh guide me about vulvar varicosities ? nd their cure…

  1. During pregnancy, your body goes through changes that increase your chances of getting vulvar varicosities. The risk of varicose veins is higher during pregnancy due to the increase in blood volume and decrease in how quickly the blood flows from your lower body. During this time, the veins in your vulvar struggle to circulate blood, which leads to blood pooling and swelling in your veins.

    Treatment depends on whether you are pregnant or not and may vary from simply managing the symptoms to various surgical procedures.
    You can get relief from vulvar varicosities by practicing the following:
    – Change your position from time to time to avoid staying in one position for long.
    – Prop up your hips while lying down.
    – Apply cold ice or compresses to the vulva area.
    – Get a support garment specifically designed for vulvar varicosities.

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