What happens if I go over my due date?

If I go over my due date, does that mean I need a c-section?

  1. Not necessarily, your doctor will evaluate your condition and help you to make a decision.

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    Trust your body and your baby, they will do what is best and right:) my baby came 12days passed due date but by herself and natural, all good😊 of course if there are complications that your doctor can tell you, than you might want to add some help like stripping to induce labour, but know your body is made for this and nature has done this for thousands and thousands of years😊 after 42weeks pregnant there is higher chance that your placenta is starting to function less, thats why doctors nowadays take that as the final time to interfere and induce labor. Wishing you the best, follow your intuition and what you feel best by, that is so powerful around birth!
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