A guide to teaching your baby sign language

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A guide to teaching your baby sign language

Babies may not be able to verbally express their needs with their parents until they’re over a year old. Sign language can help bridge that gap. 

Why teach Your Child sign language?
Apart from eliminating frustrations by helping a baby address their needs, sign language also boosts their cognitive and communication skills. Sign language has proven to strengthen the bond between a baby and the parents.  

Will sign language affect Your Child’s ability to communicate verbally?
No! Sign language will help a baby learn how to communicate even faster! Your Child will be able to understand the value of communication earlier on and grasp language rules at a faster rate. Sign language does not replace language – it is merely just used alongside verbal speech.  

When to teach sign language to Your Child
You can start introducing sign language to Your Child as early as  4 months, but your little one probably won’t start signing back until they’re 6-9 months old.

How to start teaching sign language to Your Child
Start integrating the hand signs when performing day-to-day activities with Your Child. When teaching your baby a motion for an object, begin by saying the word and performing the sign simultaneously before handing the item to them. Consistency, repetition, and patience are crucial to success, so be sure to use signs daily. 

What signs should I teach Your Child?

Bunch your fingertips together and hold them up to your lips.

Curve your hand to make a C shape under your neck, then move that same hand down to rub your stomach.

Hold an invisible cup with your hands, then move the invisible cup towards your mouth like you’re drinking.

Make a fist and tighten and loosen the wrist like you’re milking a cow. This sign covers both breast milk or formula.

Hold out 3 fingers to make a “W” before moving that hand out to the front of your chin. Tap your chin with the side of your index finger.

Pinch your fingers together on each hand, and tap your fingertips together a few times.

Thank you
Touch your lips with your fingers and bend the hand away with the palm facing up.

I’m sorry
Make a fist with your right hand, then rub that fist in a circular motion over your heart.

Finished/All done!
Raise your hands and turn your palms by facing them in and out. 

Rub an open palm against your chest. 

Make a thumbs-up sign with one hand, and support that hand with your opposite fist. 

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