Be careful: Chemicals!


Be careful: Chemicals!

Common toxic chemicals in the air in your home or beauty salons can be harmful to both you and Your Child. So stay vigilant throughout your pregnancy! 

Dangerous beauty products
Many chemicals used in nail salons are dangerous. They let off fumes that can be toxic, and you should avoid them now. If you must go to nail salons, make sure there are open windows in the salon for fresh air or they don’t use any of these harmful chemicals. Also do not use artificial fingernails while you’re pregnant. Acrylic nails give off fumes as they are being applied and these fumes can be toxic.

Pesticides on fruits
Pesticides are chemicals farmers used to eliminate pests. There will always be residues on fruits and vegetables unless you go for organic options. If not, make sure you wash fruits and vegetables under running water before eating them. There is no need to use baking soda or other cleaners.

Lead on walls
Lead can be highly damaging to the nervous system of little Your Child and has been linked to lower IQ among children who were exposed to it during their early childhood. Lead in paint is now illegal in most places, but it may be present in the old paint on your wall. If you are not sure, you should paint the rooms you spend most of your time in now. If you repaint your house, use lead-free water-based color.

Lead in old water pipes
Lead can also be in the water pipes present in older homes. If your house has old pipes, avoid drinking tap water until you have had the water quality tested by a lab. Alternatively, you can install a reverse osmosis water filter. If you later use formula milk to feed your baby, never use tap water unless you are sure it is safe. And we highly recommend that breast milk be the primary source of nutrient for Your Child.

Cleaning products
Any cleaning product labeled “toxic” or any products with a warning on the label should be handled with care. Too much exposure to chemicals can damage Your Child’s developing brain.

Work environments
If you are working in a nail salon or another environment where you are exposed to chemicals, consult with your doctor for a safe way to go about your pregnancy. 

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