Traditional Thai pregnancy believes


Traditional Thai pregnancy believes

Every culture has different traditional beliefs about how to carry a pregnancy. Some of them are stratagems from elders, while some are just myths. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones from Thailand.

Kwan blessing
Traditional beliefs said that the Kwan blessing ceremony will protect and bring wellness to the mother and fetus during pregnancy. 

Some believe that being blessed might help the mother to be more relaxed and pleased. If that helps reduce mom’s stress level, then it’d be good for the fetus.

Refraining from attending a funeral
Some elders prohibit pregnant women from attending a funeral because they believe that the ghost would easily possess the fetus or would follow the mother back home and cause bad things to happen.

A funeral is a sad and, to some, a stressful event. The reason for the belief might be to protect the mother from such stress.

Do not buy baby stuff before childbirth
Some said that the elders did not want the mother to be depressed if she experiences a miscarriage and has to see the baby stuff she bought. Miscarriage used to be more common in the past.

If you are under a doctor’s care and have a regular check-up, there is little to be worried about. In fact, preparing stuff before childbirth is important because you might be super busy after the delivery.    

Do not eat black food
The belief is that if the mother eats black foods, like Chao-Guay or Black Soy Sauce,  it would cause the child to have black skin.

This one is totally a myth. The baby’s skin color is coded in the little one’s genes, so you couldn’t do much about it. The color of the food does not affect Your Child’s skin.

We hope you are relieved, after knowing some of the reasons behind these traditional beliefs. However, don’t forget to ask your doctor about something you are not certain about, for the well-being of you and Your Child.

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