C-section healing: how to treat your scar

C-section healing: how to treat your scar

All you need to know to ensure that the incision wound heals well and scar tissue is minimized.

There are many reasons to deliver through a cesarean section. Whatever the case, a C-section involves an incision on your abdomen and uterus, which would have to heal.

Most C-sections heal nicely, leaving only a faint line just above the pubic hairline.

Types of C-section incisions
A C-section involves a cut on the abdomen and another cut on the uterus. For the abdominal incision, your doctor can make either of these two types of incisions:

Closing the wound
After bringing out the baby, the doctor will close both the uterus and the abdomen. The doctor closes the incision on the uterus with dissolvable stitches. For the one on your skin, the doctor will close it with one of these three methods:

Taking care of C-section incisions
To properly care for the incision to prevent infections and complications, these are some of the things you can do:

What you should watch out for
While you take care of your incision, look out for signs of an infection and other complications. Watch out for any of these:

Whatever you notice, report to your doctor.

Risk factors for C-section dehiscence
In some rare situations, a C-section incision might re-open for one reason or another — a condition doctors call C-section dehiscence. Factors that may increase the risk of dehiscence include:

When to see a doctor
You need to see your doctor immediately if you notice any of these:

Minimizing scarring
In some women, the skin incision heals by forming a thick, irregular scar. In this situation, your doctor may recommend any of these:

Scar revision: If the scar is very large, your doctor may suggest scar revision — re-opening the scar, removing damaged skin to make it less noticeable, and closing it again so that it blends with your surrounding skin.

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