Why parents use honey when their kids cough

Why parents use honey when their kids cough

When your baby is coughing, you are probably in for a bad night. Not only because both of you have problems sleeping, but also because you are worried. To help, it is normal for you to approach a medical practitioner or get cough syrups.

Honey works at least as well as syrups
While syrups have no guarantee of working, honey has proven to be a highly potent natural medicine, which you can use to fight off your baby’s cough. A few spoons of unadulterated honey may be all that is needed to make your baby feel better and make everyone feel calm enough to sleep.

How honey treats a child’s coughs?
The most common reason why a child coughs is due to irritation from swollen mucus glands. When you administer honey to a child, it can coat those swollen mucus glands and relieve the irritation.

What makes honey a good remedy?
Honey contains a high dose of potent ingredients that can help relieve coughs in your child. They include:

In addition, honey may enhance your child’s energy level and help the little one sleep more calmly.

Is honey safe for all ages?
Honey is a perfect home remedy for a child that’s older than a year. However, you should not give honey to a child if they’re less than a year old. Honey can contain bacteria that cause botulism in infants — a rare but dangerous condition.

Whenever you give your child honey, be observant of any allergic reaction that may occur

How to use honey to treat cough in your child

Pure honey: A small quantity of unadulterated honey can go a long way in relieving their cough; this helps to relieve the irritation that causes cough.

A mixture of honey and lemon: This mixture can easily be concocted by using warm water to make the lemonade juice, then, add an appropriate quantity of honey. It has very potent constituents for alleviating coughs and boosting their immune system.

Honey and cinnamon: To prepare this traditional mixture, add a half spoonful of cinnamon powder to a spoonful of honey and administer it to your child three times daily. Note that your child may be allergic to cinnamon without you knowing.

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