Learning through play month 17: musical statues

Learning through play month 17: musical statues

Listening and reacting to pauses in the music can help Your Child develops auditory skills as well as patience and discipline.

Movement and play are essential parts of childhood. Mimicking difficult poses encourages muscle control, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. 

What to prepare
For this activity you will only need to choose your or Your Child’s favorite song to dance to.

Let’s play!
Simply turn on some music and dance!
Pause the music and freeze like a statue until the music starts to play again. You can act as a leader and Your Child must try to make the same pose as you.

Don’t forget to stretch all of your muscles before you start dancing!

Thank you note
This article about learning through play was made in collaboration with Sprouts Kindergarten, a play-based learning center for children ages 1.5 – 6 years old.

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