Pumping – what is too much / too little?

Pumping – what is too much / too little?

The method that is best for you in attaining a sufficient amount of breastmilk for Your Child depends on your circumstances.

For many mothers, breast pumping is an efficient alternative to breastfeeding. Then the task is to make sure you find the right balance between breastfeeding and pumping, which suits you best and provides the best yield. 

Reasons for Breast Pumping
You’ll often discover that you cannot breastfeed on demand due to lifestyle or certain medical conditions. 

Here are common reasons why many choose breast pumping: 

How much to Pump?
A basic and helpful rule for effective management of breast pumping is the supply and demand concept. The higher the demand for breastmilk from Your Child, the more supply your breasts will produce.

Usually, babies require about 25-30 oz. of milk per day, distributed among several feeding times. Therefore, you can generally follow the schedule of feeding Your Child every 2-3 hours for about 15 minutes per breast during daytime and pump at least twice at night in case the supply goes low on the next day. 

Over time, it will be easy to decide which method fits best for each part of the day. Here are some guidelines that may be helpful: 

If you’re mainly breastfeeding: 

If you are only breast pumping: 

If you find you cannot produce enough milk, don’t pressure yourself. Every mom and baby is different. Milk supply levels vary during different times of the day, or even between different weeks.

Just know that diet and emotions play a great role in how much your body produces milk. Be sure to consult with your physician or a lactation expert if these problems persist.


Dr. Piyawut Kreetapirom, MD. (26 August 2021)


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